Yves Saint Laurent Vernis A Levres Vinyl Creams

June 6, 2017

My love affair with Yves Saint Laurent Vernis A Levres Vinyl Creams (£27 each) goes back five years to when they were first launched, and were among the first wave of liquid lipsticks to hit the market. I loved the Vinyl Creams because they brilliantly blended the shine of a gloss with the intensity of a lipstick, and they meant that I could sport super-glossy lips without having to wear sticky lip gloss, which I have always loathed. I quickly homed in on a pair of favourite Vinyl Cream shades that became essential to my make-up every time I had a night-out, and every time I wore them I was asked what my lipstick was.

Fast forward to today, and the recently revamped and relaunched collection of Yves Saint Laurent Vernis A Levres Vinyl Creams. The rebooted versions have an undercoat which is like skincare in the way it provides a comfortable base for the heavily pigmented top coat and it’s applied with a diamond-shaped applicator which, with a bit of practice, is great for creating a flattering lip line and fuller-looking lips. As the Vinyl Cream colour goes on it begins to set a little but, unlike many liquid lipsticks, it doesn’t leave even naturally dry lips feeling uncomfortable. Indeed, I’d say it is probably the most comfortable liquid lipstick I have used.

There are 12 gorgeous shades, and I’m delighted to report that I’ve found a couple of replacements for my old favourite night-out essentials – No410 and No406, the two on the left of the back row in the photo above. Vive le Vinyl Creams!

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