Trinny London BFF Cream

June 7, 2018

Trinny London BFF Cream (£35) has had plenty of outings here in Scotland in recent weeks as we have been basking in a heatwave, and it offers a sun protection factor of 30 – which is not something you can say about many moisturisers, primers or foundations!

Described as an alternative to the confusing array of BB and CC creams and primers and moisturisers on the market, Trinny London BFF Cream is a sort of mix of all of these and is pitched as a “skin perfector” to be worn alone or under foundation. It offers moisturisation and a subtle glow, and – as I mentioned – it has an SPF of 30.

It certainly delivers on its promises. I have found that I can apply Trinny London BFF Cream and head out without make-up (only for dog walks, mind you!) – something which is pretty much unheard of for me. It improves the appearance of the skin a little – not as much as my beloved Chanel Hydra Beauty Flash, however, which effectively takes out fine lines and redness – and it looks pretty natural.

Used as the penultimate stage before applying a base, Trinny London BFF might require you to do a bit of experimenting. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I’ve found that the creamy Trinny London Just a Touch foundation is the best choice of accompaniment from my collection of foundations; when I’ve used a serum-foundation or one with less than medium-full coverage, I’ve felt I looked shiny pretty quickly as there is already a bit of shine from the BFF Cream.

It’s not become one of my favourite primers, but Trinny London BFF Cream has earned a place in my regime (and affections) because it is the best primer I have come across with the sort of SPF that I need in the summer.

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