Rimmel Wonder’fully Real Mascara

September 14, 2017

Rimmel Wonder’fully Real Mascara (£7.99; available in Black and Extreme Black) has just come out in a new formulation, with fibres which claim to extend the lashes so that they look luscious yet natural.

These 4mm nylon fibres in Rimmel Wonder’fully Real Mascara are designed to grab on to the tips and along the sides of the lashes, instantly stretching and plumping them in the process for a lengthening and volumising effect. Meanwhile, the creamy formula of Rimmel Wonder’fully Real Mascara also contains Argan Oil which nourishes the lashes.

I must say, I was very impressed with Rimmel Wonder’fully Real Mascara – at least for the first hour of wear. The brush, with its straight plastic bristles, is extremely easy to use – I loved the way it could reach right into the corners, and how it gave a pleasing curl to the lashes while simultaneously fanning them out.

However, it didn’t take long for me to find that I had horrible smudges under each eye. In fact, I’d say that Rimmel Wonder’fully Real Mascara might have won the award for the fastest moving mascara I’ve come across in recent times. I’d barely had it on an hour when I caught sight of it escaping towards my cheekbones. I wiped the dreaded smudges away but they came back pretty quickly.

So it’s a thumbs-down from me, I’m afraid – a shame since I really liked the look that it gave me, pre-smudges.

Have you tried Rimmel Wonder’fully Real Mascara yet? Did you emerge smudge-free?!

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