Rimmel Wonder Wing Liner

December 17, 2017

It’s taken me a while to get round to trying out Rimmel Wonder Wing Liner (£5.99), which came out a few months ago. Why? Because it’s a liquid eyeliner with a felt tip pen nib – which I usually can’t stand because I find them less flexible and more uncomfortable to use than brush nibs.

Rimmel Wonder Wing Liner was designed to give a perfect, symmetrical cat’s eye on each lid thank to its unique applicator which you use to first line the lid, and then turn on its side to press the stamp applicator onto the outer corner of the eye. The idea is that you will get matching flicks on both sides if you use the stamp rather than attempt to draw on the flick, or wing, in the usual way. The intense black colour will, claims Rimmel, remain intense and smudge-proof all day and night.

So how did I get on with Rimmel Wonder Wing Liner? Well, I found it to be an extremely good eyeliner when I just used it as a normal pen and drew the whole line on to my eyelids by myself. But when I followed the instructions and turned the Rimmel Wonder Wing Liner over to stamp the flick on, I got into a total mess – inky black eyeliner everywhere. I had to start again. One side was definitely easier to do than the other, but neither was successful and I gave up after a few attempts and just drew on my own wings. It’s too finicky, and I reckon you need to be ambidextrous to do it well.

Anyway, used as a normal eyeliner pen, I found the nib of the Rimmel Wonder Wing Liner better than most unyielding felt tip nibs, and I was also impressed by its longevity. It remained in place and looking good all day and well into the evening.

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