Rimmel Scandal’Eyes Reloaded Mascara

August 23, 2017

Another day, another mascara .. this time Rimmel Scandal’Eyes Reloaded Mascara (£6.99), which promises intense, clump-free volume which will last 24 hours..

I certainly had high hopes for Rimmel Scandal’Eyes Reloaded Mascara as its wand reminded me of the wand in one of my favourite mascaras, Max Factor Clump Defy Extensions False Lash Effect Mascara. It’s a thick, tapered brush designed to fit any eye shape and capture every lash while building volume quickly and easily without clumping.

Rimmel Scandal’Eyes Reloaded Mascara really impressed me with its ease of use and the terrific way in which it created volume, so I was extremely disappointed when I noticed a black smudge above each eye lid a couple of hours after application.

At first, I thought perhaps the smudges were the result of laughter tears making the Rimmel Scandal’Eyes Reloaded Mascara run – it does come off with warm water, after all – but it happened every subsequent time I tested the mascara. So the promise of “sweat-proof, smudge-proof, up to 24-hour wear” didn’t apply to me, I’m sad to say.

It’s perhaps worth noting that all this smudging action happened in the house when I wasn’t getting up to anything sweaty at all! I’ve learned the hard way not to venture out while testing new eye-make-up  – in case exactly this sort of mascara malfunction takes place ..

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