Models Own Gilt 3-in-1 Eyes, Lips & Face Palette

February 16, 2017

I love rose gold, and was thrilled to get my hands on the Models Own Gilt Collection, a curated edit of Models Own’s hero products, each given a rose gold twist. The star buy is definitely Models Own Gilt 3-in-1 Eyes, Lips & Face Palette (£19.99), which is the only brand new product – and undoubtedly the one to top the wishlist. Having never used Models Own products before, I had no idea what to expect quality-wise; I just saw how pretty this palette was and had to have it!

Thankfully, I wasn’t disappointed. The Models Own Gilt 3-in-1 Eyes, Lips & Face Palette looks as good on the face as it does in its chic, sleek case. The colours are very easy to pull off for most skin tones, and create quite a delicate, pretty look on my Celtic colouring.

The Models Own Gilt 3-in-1 Eyes, Lips & Face Palette contains eyeshadows in a subtly shimmery flesh colour, a velvety coffee shade, a glistening copper and a sheer gold; lip colours in a pinky nude and a coral-pink, and a peachy blusher.

I didn’t expect the eyeshadows in the Models Own Gilt 3-in-1 Eyes, Lips & Face Palette to last nearly as long as they did – they lasted a full make-up shift – and I love the different effects that can be achieved by adding or subtracting the metallic gold. However, the eyeshadows seem to require quite a bit of work in terms of repeated application in order to show up in the first place: it took me longer than I would have expected to produce quite a simple, subtle smoky eye.

The blusher also impressed me with its longevity and vibrancy. The lipstick colours, while lovely, are the weakest link and have the short staying power and feel of a balm.

I’m looking forward to trying out the other items in the Gilt Collection now, especially the Gilt Hypereyes Mascara (£7.99), the Gilt Luxestick Creamy Matte Lipstick (£7.99) and the Gilt Face Base Face Primer (£12.99).

Have you manage to get your hands on any of the Gilt Collection? Which are your favourite Models Own items? Let me know!

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