Max Factor Radiant Lift Long Lasting Radiance

October 23, 2018

Max Factor Radiant Lift Long Lasting Radiance (£14.99) and I didn’t get off to the best start. After all, this new foundation was given to me as a replacement for my favourite foundation, Max Factor Ageless Elixir Serum Foundation, which – I learned recently when I went to top up my supplies – has been discontinued. (There are still some to be sniffed out online, thank God!)

Anyway, I hoped that Max Factor Radiant Lift would prove to be a worthy substitute. It’s described by Max Factor as a “luxurious” formula, which is enriched with hyaluronic acid complex to help hydrate the skin. At the same time,  skin-smoothing micro-pearls reduce the appearance of fine lines, while it has an impressive SPF of 30 to help prevent signs of ageing and damage from UVB rays.

However, I found the texture of Max Factor Radiant Lift stodgy and difficult to manipulate (unlike my beloved serum foundation which had felt like a moisturiser and blended beautifully), and it just sits on my skin. It certainly lasts very well (and leaves me less shiny than my old favourite), but it makes my skin look dried out and feel dehydrated to the touch; I don’t find it at all hydrating.

As for the colour – another gripe … There are 18 shades, the palest of which – Porcelain – is quite orangey on my pale skin.

So, Radiant Lift is not for me and I don’t think it serves the same type of customer – more mature! – as the Ageless Elixir did. In other words, it’s back to the drawing board foundation-wise for yours truly …  All suggestions very gratefully received (before my last bottle of the elixir runs out)!

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