Max Factor Lash Crown Mascara

February 18, 2018

I’m almost always impressed by Max Factor mascaras, and when I need to buy a new mascara, you’ll usually find me making a beeline for the Max Factor or Bourjois stands in Superdrug. The most recent addition to the Max Factor mascara repertoire is Max Factor Lash Crown Mascara (£10.99) and, as you can imagine, I was keen to try it to see if it would become one of my go-to mascaras when I’m not testing the latest new one.

What on earth can this mascara offer that’s different to the many others in the Max Factor range, you’d be right in asking? Well, Max Factor Lash Crown Mascara was inspired by techniques used by make-up artists to create full, longer, thicker lashes and symmetry on both eyes. It has an innovative, crown-tipped brush designed to deliver volume evenly at the base of the lashes, and to ensure definition and separation at the tips.

 The wand has two sides – a brush side and a comb side. The brush side features two sets of bristles, set apart by a coloured core that holds the mascara.  Each set of the 135 bristles contains three columns of staggered bristles, a design created to produce superior definition. The comb side features arches to enable precise and even separation at the corner and inner lashes.

So, with all these dazzling attributes, does Max Factor Lash Crown Mascara deliver the goods? Well, yes, it does – for the most part. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now and am still not sure if I’m using it properly, but it does produce lovely, dense-looking lashes with a bit of a curl and symmetrical definition (no mean feat with my independently minded lashes). I wouldn’t say that it makes much difference to the length of the lashes, but the crown tip works well for getting into tricky-to-reach lashes and making sure you get good coverage.

Overall, I’d say if you have patience and are prepared to spend a bit of time getting familiar with this mascara, it’s worth trying it. I don’t see it becoming one of my fall-back favourites but I’d be happy to use it again. It’s available in black and black/brown which is a great shade for complementing blue eyes.

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