Max Factor Dark Magic Mascara

May 6, 2018

I thought Max Factor could do no wrong in the mascara department but its new Max Factor Dark Magic Mascara (£11.99) is the worst mascara I’ve tried in recent times.

Described as “a mistake-free mascara designed to offer instant dramatic volume with one stroke of its wand,” Max Factor Dark Magic Mascara is supposed to transform lashes and give them “a uniform finish in mere seconds”. Well, yes – a uniform finish that is completely unimpressive.

The brush – which is sort of bow-tie or farfalle pasta shaped – is one of those spiky plastic ones which can be quite unpleasant to use. I found that I had to work quite hard to get the lashes going in the same direction, and it took a couple of coats to produce the “instant” volume effect.

The big disappointment, apart from the unpleasant wand, was that the promised drama didn’t extend to adding even the teeniest smidgeon of length to my lashes; in fact, if anything, their shortness is exaggerated by Max Factor Dark Magic Mascara. Usually mascaras add a little bit of length to the tips of my lashes, even if they are not sold as lengthening mascaras; it’s surely part of the remit of a mascara claiming to provide drama?

The other problem was that old deal-breaker for many a mascara: it smudges on me, and pretty quickly too.

Here’s hoping Max Factor gets its mascara mojo back soon as it is usually my go-to brand for reliably fab mascaras….

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