L’Oréal Paradise Brow Pomade

August 21, 2017

Just as you might be forgiven for thinking there is no room for any more brow products on the beauty scene, along comes L’Oréal Paradise Brow Pomade (£9.99), part of the new L’Oréal Paradise collection of eye products packaged in rose gold prettiness.

L’Oréal Paradise Brow Pomade is very similar to Benefit Ka-Brow! which came out last year. It comes in the same sort of old-fashioned eyeliner bottle which, when you open it, turns out to house the pomade in the base and the slanted brush in the neck.

The cream of L’Oréal Paradise Brow Pomade, however, is a little softer and easier to work with than Benefit’s, and I love the brush which is bigger than the Benefit equivalent and does a great job of drawing in natural-looking eyebrow hairs where previously there was just skin. It is brilliant for shaping the brow and I’ve found that I can make my brows look exactly as I want them – beefed up, elegantly shaped and still quite natural-looking.

L’Oréal Paradise Brow Pomade comes in five shades and seems to last pretty well. I have been using the Chaitain (Dark Blonde) shade which is perfect for my colouring (and almost the same as Ka-Brow’s shade 2, though slightly warmer). I’d definitely recommend this for ease of use and for its ability to create as natural – or dramatic – an eyebrow as you like.

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