Lancome Rouge Drama Matte

February 26, 2019

Using Lancome Rouge Drama Matte (£27) is like taking a step back to the 1980s. And I don’t just mean in terms of colour… The texture of this matte addition to the Lancome L’Absolu Rouge family is almost as difficult for us naturally dry-lipped gals to wear as the matte lipsticks we might have first tried in our teens.

Despite the fact that the formula of Lancome Rouge Drama Matte is enriched with emollient agents and nourishing oils, and although Lancome promises lasting comfort, it’s difficult to wear this lipstick and not be reminded of the old mattes which made your lips look cracked and aged you by about 60 years.

Apparently, Lancome Rouge Drama Matte contains silky oils to create a balmy feel, and combines spherical powders and a light-diffusing gel to smooth away small wrinkles on application – but, with the deep scarlet shade I used, I just saw ageing lips and felt dryness.

The best that I can say about Lancome Rouge Drama Matte is that it comes in some beautiful shades – 18 in total – and that it certainly lasts. In fact, if you try one of the bolder shades, then you might have difficulty getting rid of the colour by the end of the night – even after one application.

Sorry Lancome, but I’ll be seeking matte satisfaction somewhere else!

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