Lancome Rose Sugar Scrub

April 17, 2019

Lancome Rose Sugar Scrub (£30) is one of a small collection of products from the luxury French skincare company harnessing the soothing skincare properties of the rose. The Lancome Rose Sugar Scrub is a lovely exfoliator enriched with acacia honey and rose water. Designed to remove dead skin cells using dissolving sugar grains to provide gentle exfoliation, its aim is to leave skin smooth, comfortable and supple.

Exfoliating can be a bit of a chore, but I’ve been finding Lancome Rose Sugar Scrub a pleasure to use. For one thing, the scent is lovely – as is the warming sugar jelly texture. Once you’ve worked it into a bit of a lather, and rinsed it off, it leaves the skin feeling much smoother and looking brighter too. Unlike some other exfoliators on the market, it doesn’t leave the skin feeling dried-out so even sensitive complexions can benefit from it.

Which is not something I can say about the Lancome Rose Sugar Scrub’s sister product, the Hydra Zen Jelly Mask (£30). It triggered a flare-up of rosacea the like of which I have not experienced in years. And not only did my skin look inflamed, it felt hot and itchy too.

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