Kiko Milano St Valentine Collection

February 10, 2017

Given that Italy is known as one of the most romantic countries in the world and Valentine was a Roman saint, it seems entirely appropriate that the most swoonsome make-up collection to be released for Valentine’s Day also originates from Italy. The limited edition Kiko Milano St Valentine Collection, AKA Matte for You,  is absolutely gorgeous in its presentation –  pretty, tissue-wrapped products which can be glimpsed through the shapes cut out of the elegant cardboard boxes. The boxes and tubes, decorated with a writing pattern are reminiscent of the iconic Agnes b make-up range. (See my Instagram feed for a photo of the packaging.)

All the items in the Kiko Milano St Valentine Collection are beautiful to look at as well – especially the face brush with heart-shaped bristles (£12.95); the Multicolour Blush (£9.95) with its heart-patterned powders, and the Heart-Shaped Lipsticks (£6.95 each).

But you really have to be mad about matte to get as much of a kick out of using these products as you would from looking at them. Silky Rosy Nude and Amorous Cherry – the two shades of Matte Nail Lacquers (£3.95) –  are lovely, chic, colours of nail varnish but if you don’t like an extreme matte finish then forget it! Ditto for the lip products in the Kiko Milano St Valentine Collection: the five shades of the Heart-Shaped Lipsticks, however, are less matte and less drying on the lips than the two Soft Lip Pens (£6.95 each).

My favourite from the Kiko Milano St Valentine Collection is the multi-coloured blusher which will suit just about everybody. The blusher may look a little scary colour-wise, but blending the three shades together or saving the deep pink shade for evening are ideas to play about with ..

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