John Frieda Luxurious Volume Core Restore

July 10, 2017

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the new John Frieda Luxurious Volume Core Restore collection, a new extension of the Luxurious Volume range. I have very fine long hair – and lots of it – and it has always had a tendency to be flat and lank if it’s not got some styling product in it to give it a boost.

Usually it’s a mousse I would turn to, but the ones I have used recently have left my hair stuck together at the roots and harder to manage. So when I was given the three new items that make up the John Frieda Luxurious Volume Core Restore collection, I was – for once – happy to forgo mousse and throw my hair at the mercy of this trio – John Frieda Luxurious Volume Core Restore Protein-Infused Shampoo (£5.99), Protein-Infused Conditioner (£5.99) and Advanced Protein Volumiser (£9.99).

It turned out I really enjoyed using the John Frieda Luxurious Volume Core Restore products. The shampoo and conditioner are lovely to use. I had to keep checking that I was indeed using the conditioner when I thought I was using the conditioner – because it has a transparent, jelly-like consistency rather than the usual cream texture you normally get with conditioner.

The third stage is the John Frieda Luxurious Volume Core Restore Advanced Protein Volumiser – a styling creme which you work through towel-dried hair. I liked how healthy my hair looked after using this and was surprised to find that I could go out with just this in my hair as a styling aid as it did a pretty decent job of providing volume to most of my hair. However, it was less successful at volumising my hair at the roots – and I almost reached for my old mousse. So, I’d say if you have extremely flat hair, it might well not be enough.

Then I went on holiday and took with me what I thought was a travel size of the volumiser. In fact, it was Luxurious Volume Root Booster, an older product. It gave me the lift I need at my roots, while the Advanced Protein Volumiser will now be in charge of the rest of my locks!

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