Guerlain KissKiss From Paris Palette

September 1, 2017

Guerlain KissKiss From Paris Palette (£44) can be summed up in three little (French) words … Ooh. La. La.

Before you even open the Guerlain KissKiss From Paris Palette, it’s impossible not to swoon a little over its gorgeous, sleek black lacquer case. And once you do open it, the colours inside look stunning. (Pictured is the Passionate Kiss colourway; it also comes in Romantic Kiss, which is a trio of nude pinks.)

In addition to the three matte, complementary lipstick shades, there is a lip base which can be applied using a foam applicator. The Guerlain KissKiss From Paris Palette also contains a double-ended brush for lining and filling in the lips with colour.

I was very impressed with the Guerlain KissKiss From Paris Palette. The colours are beautiful and very wearable – they are not as full-on red as they might first appear. The biggest red, on the right, is more of a pink when applied and the middle one is more of a coral than a pure red. The dark shade is a proper deep cherry red.

In terms of texture, I found the lipsticks surprisingly comfortable for mattes. The colour might not be as intense and concentrated as you would get from a liquid matte lip product, but it was a helluva lot more wearable for someone, like me, whose lips can feel dried out with matte colour which sets. The Guerlain KissKiss From Paris Palette lipsticks might not have the same longevity as a liquid matte lipstick but they lasted a lot longer than I expected.

And who’s complaining about re-application when you have as chic and covetable a compact as this to show off in public?!

My only issue with the Guerlain KissKiss From Paris Palette is that I couldn’t do a very good job with the double-ended brush so for each initial application, I had to use a lip brush I already had. The brush that comes with the palette is fine for topping-up.

So, it’s dix points from me – how about you? Have you tried the Guerlain KissKiss From Paris Palette? Was it a triomphe or a trial?

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