GOSH Primer Plus Skin Adaptor

October 3, 2017

GOSH Primer Plus Skin Adaptor (£14.99) is one of the pricier items in the terrific GOSH Copenhagen range of make-up – frankly, I didn’t even know that they sold anything that cost as much as £14.99!

A primer with skincare benefits, GOSH Primer Plus Skin Adaptor is s a clever cream designed to enhance any skin tone. Containing a complex of anti-pollution ingredients which protect the skin from atmospheric pollution such as cigarette smoke and car exhaust fumes, it also fights free radical damage that can lead to signs of ageing.

GOSH Primer Plus Skin Adaptor, which – like the rest of the GOSH range – is suitable for vegans, is designed to leave skin looking smoother and more even-toned, with a radiant finish. Applied to clean, moisturised skin, it is colourless but once it’s on the skin, it transforms into a sheer tint designed to work for virtually every skin tone.

I’ve been pretty impressed with GOSH Primer Plus Skin Adaptor. Not only does it do a great, and immediate, job of masking and blurring skin issues and helping to even out redness, but it almost leaves my skin looking good enough for me to consider skipping a base. As a primer for a foundation, it is one of those ones which you probably don’t want to hang about too much with: you will probably find it beneficial to get the foundation on to the skin fairly quickly after GOSH Primer Plus Skin Adaptor and to not use too thick, heavy or matte a foundation. I found it tricky to stop heavier foundations from caking after using this primer first.

For best results, I used GOSH Primer Plus Skin Adaptor before a very light foundation or a serum-foundation – it significantly boosted the longevity of the foundation. So, if you have a light foundation that you love and you need to ensure it will last the day or night without shifting, this is the primer for you ..

Have you tried GOSH Primer Plus Skin Adaptor? Let me know your thoughts.

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