GOSH Brow Growth Serum

October 20, 2017

GOSH Brow Growth Serum (£16.99) sells itself as the ideal beauty buy for someone who is challenged in the eyebrow department. At the priciest extreme of the exceptionally good value GOSH range, it promises to stimulate the natural growth of the eyebrows thanks to the formula which contains SymPeptide®XLash, a lipo-peptide blend used in many brow enhancers.

I would seem to be the perfect guinea pig for GOSH Brow Growth Serum: my eyebrows are far from bushy and vary in degrees of hair density. The most spartan areas are right at the start of each brow – that is to say the ends nearest my nose. This is where I usually have to draw on the most hairs – and where I thought that GOSH Brow Growth Serum could show what it can do.

The idea is to apply GOSH Brow Growth Serum directly to those areas where you want to boost the number of hairs on the eyebrows. GOSH recommend you do this twice a day, on clean, dry eyebrows, and allow the serum to absorb before applying your usual skincare products. They claim that changes and improvement to the fullness of the eyebrows will be apparent within weeks – with daily use.

I used GOSH Brow Growth Serum religiously for four weeks and only saw the teensiest improvement – I think. And I’m not sure that I didn’t imagine it! So, I’d say it’s a bit of gamble: you might be better off taking your 17 quid and buying a good eyebrow-drawing kit.

Have you tried GOSH Brow Growth Serum? How did you find it?

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