Givenchy Noir Interdit Mascara

August 7, 2017

What will they think of next? We’ve had mascaras with thick bushy wands, thin comb wands, vibrating wands (whatever happened to them?!) and now we are in the era of the wand with a brush that sits at a right angle to it. Givenchy Noir Interdit Mascara (£25.50) is the first angled mascara I’ve tested – but it will undoubtedly not be the last!

The idea is that the 90 degree angle of Givenchy Noir Interdit Mascara’s brush allows you to easily grab the lashes from the root and build them up while lengthening them. The angle of the brush helps you to capture all the lashes, and curl them as you build the volume. Thanks to a hinge mechanism, which enables you to bend the Givenchy Noir Interdit Mascara wand as you pull it out of its tube, you can take full advantage of the unusual angled brush – or you can use the brush the normal way and keep it straight.

I’ve been enjoying using the brush of Givenchy Noir Interdit Mascara both ways. It took longer to get good results when I used it straight, but when I used the brush at the 90 degree angle, I was impressed by how quickly it curled my lashes and added volume. I’d say that the ideal way to use Givenchy Noir Interdit Mascara if you have short, stubby lashes like mine is to curl it with the angled brush and then snap the wand back straight before applying another layer with which to add length, as I didn’t see much lengthening with the brush at an angle.

Overall, a mascara well worth checking out if you like volume and curl – but personally I don’t like it any better than my Bourjois Volume Reveal which costs just over a third of the price!

Have you tried Givenchy Noir Interdit Mascara? How did you get on?

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