Estée Lauder Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Balm

June 15, 2017
Estee Lauder cleansing balm

Estée Lauder keeps bringing out fabulous cleansers – and Estée Lauder Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Balm (£37) is no exception. In fact, it’s my new favourite – especially since my skin has been a little more dehydrated and prone to redness in recent weeks.

Whereas some beauty companies put all the emphasis on what happens after cleansing, Estée Lauder works on the principle that the cleansing stage is the building block of anti-ageing skincare – and that how effective serums and moisturisers are can be dependent on the cleanliness of the skin they’re being applied to. Residual impurities, which build up through the day, create damaging free radicals in the skin that can accelerate the appearance of premature ageing. The Estée Lauder Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Balm was therefore designed to remove the toxins, impurities, makeup and pollution of the day and to prepare the skin for its night-time regime.

Not only that, but Estée Lauder Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Balm is packed with minerals and nutrients so that the skin’s natural moisture balance is maintained – you won’t feel like you’ve just used paint stripper, as is often the case with wash-off cleansers.

I absolutely love this cleansing balm – and am so pleased I found it. It’s not just the fact that it leaves my skin feeling clean, comforted, cared-for and super-smooth; it’s also because it is an absolute pleasure to use. The balm melts into a silky oil as you massage it on to your (dry) face, and then it transforms into a milky emulsion once you add water. The only issue I have with Estée Lauder Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Balm is that it is pretty pricey – so I save mine for whenever my skin needs a little TLC or is showing any signs of sensitivity.

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