Dior DreamSkin One-Minute Mask

March 28, 2018
DreamSkin One-Minute Mask

It took me a while to realise it, but Dior DreamSkin One-Minute Mask (£51.50) is a gorgeous product – and one which really delivers the goods, though possibly not quite as instantaneously as you might expect.

Dior describes DreamSkin One-Minute Mask as a “skin perfecting peeling mask” which is so powerful that it resets your skin in just 60 seconds. (Am I the only person who reads that a product is “peeling” and expects something that you actually peel off? That’s not the case with this mask or any of the other recent “peeling” masks or exfoliators I’ve tried.)

The way DreamSkin One-Minute Mask works is that upon contact with the skin, its gel texture turns into a rich white creme which has a gentle peeling action – meaning that it exfoliates the skin and improves its appearance. Pores should look tightened, the texture of the skin should look smoother and the complexion should be brighter. Two natural ingredients are at the heart of the mask formula: Opilia which helps reduce the appearance of spots and minor redness, and boosted Longoza, which is renowned for its ability to combat wrinkles and loss of firmness and radiance.

I have fallen in love with this mask, which is one of the most luxurious and gorgeous I’ve tried in recent times. It feels and smells beautiful and the results are terrific – if you don’t expect to see them absolutely immediately. I’ve found that my redness doesn’t look calmer as I rinse the mask off (probably due to the hot water!), but it calms down noticeably within five minutes. And overall, my skin looks much healthier and brighter, with the lines slightly less obvious. My only slight reservation is that I don’t find the mask quite as hydrating as I would like.

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