Clean & Clear Gentle Hydrating Daily Wash

June 2, 2017

Clean & Clear Gentle Hydrating Daily Wash (£3) is a classic example of a beauty product which launches with little fanfare but is really worth seeking out. It’s a lovely, very gentle gel wash, made with rose water and honey and aimed at teenagers and young people. Indeed, I pounced on it at the Johnson & Johnson Awards to take home for my teenage twins.

However, I’m the one who recently commandeered the family bottle of Clean & Clear Gentle Hydrating Daily Wash – out of desperation because my skin has recently become extremely dehydrated, and my other facial washes have been leaving my face feeling too dry. And I must say: I have really been enjoying using this Gentle Hydrating Daily Wash. It is a pleasure to use – I particularly like the fact that you don’t have to wet your face first; you work it into a lather in your hands before applying – and it smells lovely.

After use, my skin feels comfortable and thoroughly cleansed – and no sign of the redness which has also recently been bothering me. I think I’d better splash out on a second bottle so that if the children sprout some spots soon, we are ready – Clean & Clear Gentle Hydrating Daily Wash was designed to be used to tackle blackheads and spots, but it is really so much more, and is worth knowing about if you suffer from dehydrated skin.

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