Clarins SOS Primer Rose

September 17, 2018

Clarins SOS Primer Rose (£26.50) is one of a collection of six primers which Clarins launched earlier this year to address a range of different beauty concerns. There’s a lavender primer to counter sallow skin, a coral primer to balance out dark spots, a peach one to mask imperfections, a white one to boost radiance, a green one to counter redness and a pink primer to revitalise tired skin.

Having been trying a new day cream which was making my make-up slide off and my natural shininess, er, shine through, I turned to the Clarins primers in the hope of finding a better base for my foundation. Clarins SOS Primer Rose seemed the obvious choice as I have been feeling, and probably looking, a little run-down of late.

The first impression wasn’t a great one: Clarins SOS Primer Rose has an unusual smell which I didn’t find very pleasant but which, thankfully, wasn’t detectable once it had been applied to my face. Lightweight and slightly balm-like in texture, it mattified the complexion while feeling fresh and comfortable, and even a little hydrating. In terms of perking the skin up, the effect is quite subtle – as I found was the case with the SOS Primer Green, which I reviewed back in February.

At the end of the day, Clarins SOS Primer Rose is a good general primer which makes foundation last well and keeps shininess at bay, while giving the complexion a low dose shot of radiance.

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