Clarins SOS Primer Green

February 10, 2018

Clarins SOS Primer Green £26.50) is one of a new collection of six primers from Clarins which each addresses a different beauty concern. There’s a lavender primer to counter sallow skin, a coral primer to balance out dark spots, a pink primer to revitalise tired skin, a peach one to mask imperfections, a white one to boost radiance and the green one to counter redness.

I’ve tested Clarins SOS Primer Green first because I am prone to outbreaks of redness on my cheeks, often with no obvious trigger. So a primer which can be used as and when the problem flares up could be very useful.

Clarins SOS Primer Green is a tinted concealer designed to correct, revive and illuminate the complexion instantly, and provide the ideal base for make-up. It contains organic sea lily extract to deliver all-day hydration to the skin. The texture is weightless so that skin can breathe and it is formulated with the Clarins anti-pollution complex to protect the skin from environmental damage.

So, how did Clarins SOS Primer Green get on with my redness? Well, I had a pretty decent amount of redness for it to tackle during the week I was using it. I found that although the primer calmed the appearance of the redness down, it didn’t cancel it out completely – so I didn’t look as if I was wearing a mask; the finish was quite natural.

The consistency of Clarins SOS Primer Green is indeed very light – unlike some colour correcting primers which can be a little stodgy – and it feels very comforting as it’s applied. However, I didn’t find it that great as a make-up base as my foundation looked shinier than usual after using the primer, and it didn’t last as long as I would have liked.

Put it this way, I liked Clarins SOS Primer Green as a colour corrector but less as a primer. I don’t think I’ll be giving up my No7 version any time soon!

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