Charlotte Tilbury Lip Lustre

July 2, 2017

I have never cared much for lip gloss – the tacky texture, the way your hair sticks to it when it’s blown over your lips and then lashes glossy colour across your cheeks when the wind changes direction, etc etc. However, in recent times (i.e. since I entered my forties) I have come to see that it has its advantages if you’re looking for make-up that’s flattering on older skin – and one lip gloss which really rammed that home to me when it was used in a makeover was  Charlotte Tilbury Lip Lustre (£16.50) in Hall of Fame, a sort of clear pink shade.

Charlotte Tilbury insists: “I will always use lip gloss on my clients, no matter their age, to create the anti-age optical illusion of fuller lips.” And she has a point. As we get older, our lips can start to look thinner and the dark or strong colours we could pull off when we were younger can create the impression of even thinner lips than we actually have. Lip gloss helps to soften the edges and make the lips look a little fuller. And Charlotte Tilbury Lip Lustre was designed to create the illusion of a three-dimensional, voluptuous pout; Tilbury says that it will “plump, boost and coat” the lips and its colour will stay in place for six hours without transferring.

So, does Charlotte Tilbury Lip Lustre live up to its creator’s claims? Well, yes and no. It certainly does provide a lovely lacquered look, and is much less sticky than most other glosses.

But as for lasting six hours without transfer? Ha! Fat chance. I wouldn’t say that Charlotte Tilbury Lip Lustre had any more impressive durability than any other gloss I’ve tried and it most definitely transferred, taking the lipstick I was wearing underneath, with it.

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