Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips

February 27, 2018

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips (£24) is the eponymous make-up artist’s solution to the problem of naturally thin lips or lips which could benefit from a bit of plumping. Part of Tilbury’s recently launched Hollywood collection of products designed to give wearers some “timeless Hollywood filmic DNA,” Hollywood Lips is a matte liquid lipstick which can help contour the lips and give the illusion of a fuller, wide pout.

Or, as Ms Tilbury – the self-proclaimed “World’s #1 Make-up Artist” – says on her website: “I can only liken it to the most BEAUTIFUL, FILTERED, FULL-LIPPED, INSTAGRAM version of you, but now in REAL LIFE!” [Don’t you just love it when someone gushes and throws in capital letters for emphasis?!] Continuing on her Pygmalion theme, Tilbury adds: “With this range of liquid matte lipsticks, YOU will become the Hollywood star that I know is inside EVERY WOMAN.”

Egads, this type of Trumpian declaration is enough to put this punter off a product before she’s even opened it (though, I admit, it’s much worse reading it than experiencing it in the flesh as Charlotte Tilbury is actually very charismatic in real life; in print, these quotes, which are typical of the website and press releases, are a tad irritating).

However, I’ve given Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips a few outings now and have to admit it does do a pretty convincing job of giving your pout some presence that it didn’t previously have – some of the oomph factor. As matte liquid lipsticks go, it’s quite comfortable – the soft texture was inspired by hosiery – though I don’t find that it lasts as long as some others I’ve tried.

There are ten shades to try – pictured here is Charlotte Darling, described as a “creamy pink beige nude”, but, on my pale skin, it’s almost a brick or terracotta colour.

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