Chanel Le Volume Revolution

January 15, 2019

If you’re looking for drama from your mascara, look no further than Chanel Le Volume Revolution (£28), the Chanel mascara which has broken new ground with the way it is manufactured.

A sibling to the fabulous Le Volume mascara, Chanel Le Volume Revolution boasts the first 3D-printed mascara brush, patented by Chanel. This is no mere gimmick from the iconic French beauty brand: 3D printing reduces the need to design and produce expensive injection moulds, and means that it’s possible to to test out multiple designs and prototypes. (For the Revolution brush Chanel created over 100 prototypes.)

Also, Chanel says that the micro cavities that are directly printed into the shape of the brush’s bristles themselves ensure smooth and even application: they store enough mascara so you don’t need to re-dip the brush into the tube to get the right amount, and you shouldn’t get clumping. The slightly rough, granular surface texture of the Chanel Le Volume Revolution is designed to improve how the mascara – which has a nourishing, pro-vitamin formula – adheres to the lashes.

As someone who really isn’t interested in a mascara unless it can build my lashes up, I fell in love with Chanel Le Volume Revolution on first sight in the mirror. One coat does indeed dress the lashes in enough dramatic, intense velvety black and it’s great for curling the lashes and for faking volume – though you have to work a bit to avoid clumping if you have un-cooperative lashes! I’ve noticed that if I get hot and bothered, it sometimes smudges but not enough to deter me from continuing to use it – and to sing its praises. And, with only one coat necessary at a time, it’s likely to last me twice as long as my usual mascaras.

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