Chanel Blue Serum Eye Revitalising Concentrate

April 3, 2018

Well, well, well – sometimes the sequel is better than the original..  this would seem to be the case with Chanel Blue Serum Eye Revitalising Concentrate (£57) is the follow-up to the Blue Serum, for the face, which Chanel launched last year.

What makes the original Blue Serum different from other serums on the market is that it comprises three ingredients consumed in regions of the world where people are known to live better and longer – green coffee from Costa Rica, lentisk from Greece and olive from Sardinia. Now, along with protective agents which target puffiness and dark circles, the same three “longevity ingredients” are being applied to the eye zone, which is of course a particularly delicate and vulnerable area subject to dehydration and premature ageing.

Whereas I was quite ambivalent about the Blue Serum when I tried it last year (so much so that I didn’t finish the bottle, and really didn’t know what to say about it), I fell in love with Chanel Blue Serum Eye straight away. Why? Because there was an immediate improvement in the appearance of the skin under my eyes – it seems to brighten and smoothe the skin at the same time. Puffiness is less prominent and darkness is toned down. The improvement is both instant and ongoing.

I also love the feel of the serum – it is luxurious, moisturising and very refreshing – and it smells delightful too. Suffice to say, it has become a fixture in my morning skincare routine and I’ll be very sad to finish the bottle!

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