Bourjois Rouge Laque

April 19, 2017

I had skyscraper-high hopes for the new Bourjois Rouge Laque (£8.99) liquid lipstick and was absolutely thrilled to be sent all eight shades to try – they are stunning. The reason I was particularly optimistic about it is that a couple of years ago, Bourjois produced one of the first liquid lipsticks that I fell in love with – Rouge Edition Aqua Laque, which I loved to wear over lipstick – and the blurb for the new Rouge Laque made it sound like the more intense sister of my old fave.

Mind you, said blurb writes my beloved Aqua Laque out of Bourjois history by claiming that Bourjois Rouge Laque is the Parisian beauty brand’s first liquid lipstick with ultra intense colours – maybe what it means is that its colours are more intense than the Aqua Laque’s. Like Aqua Laque, Rouge Laque offers lightweight, shiny colour (though I don’t think it’s half as shiny as AL). It claims to be non-drying, and to have a long-lasting hold.

But far from having a coup de foudre, Bourjois Rouge Laque and I just haven’t hit it off. Firstly, each time I’ve used it, the liquid has started to set while I’ve been painting more on so while I’ve been trying to evenly distribute the colour it has ended up looking distinctly uneven. Secondly, it is a little on the dry side for my naturally slightly dry lips. Thirdly, it certainly doesn’t last anything like the “up to 16 hours” mentioned in the press release. I found that different colours lasted different lengths of time; the darkest shade – the ravishing Bloody Berry – didn’t even survive two hours (which included my dinner) intact!

And the really bad news – for me, anyway? It looks like Aqua Laque has been discontinued to make way for Rouge Laque. I will need to hunt down any that are left to buy anywhere – but in the meantime, I’ve just renewed my acquaintance with a tube I had squirrelled away in my beauty stash. ..

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