Bourjois Lip Duo Sculpt

July 8, 2018

If you think that the new Bourjois Lip Duo Sculpt  lipsticks (£7.99 each) look familiar, cast your mind back to last summer when Benefit launched They’re Real Double the Lip – angled, pointed, two-colour lipsticks with a dark liner and a lighter main shade, which help create the illusion of a fuller pout.

On the surface, there isn’t much difference between the Benefit lipsticks and the Bourjois Lip Duo Sculpt ones – other than price. However, the texture feels quite different; in fact they seem like opposites. Whereas the Benefit one lasts well but is slightly on the dry side, Bourjois Lip Duo Sculpt feels quite moisturising but doesn’t last long on the lips.

In terms of how the lipsticks look on the lips, the Benefit one seems to have a more clearly defined ombre or contrast effect than the Bourjois Lip Duo Sculpt, whose two colours seem to get more smooshed together both on the lips and on the lipstick, though some shades stay separate for longer.

The application process is the same for both brands: you need to remember to turn the lipstick upside down when you’re applying it to the lower lip, to ensure that the darker shade goes around the outer edge.

Certainly, if you have lips prone to dryness, you will appreciate the texture of the Bourjois Lip Duo Sculpt which comes in six colourways, but for impact and durability, the twice-as-expensive Benefit one is streets ahead.

Also just launched is Bourjois Le Duo Blush (£6.49) a two-tone variation on Bourjois’s famous Little Round Pot Blushers. The new duos provide a lovely pop of colour and contour, with a delicate touch of shimmer – and are definitely worth checking out.

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