The Body Shop Roots of Strength Firming Shaping Cream

April 3, 2019

My skin has been looking a lot better in recent months – and I’m giving all the credit to the products I’ve been using from The Body Shop Roots of Strength range, specifically the Firming Shaping Serum (£32) and the Firming Shaping Cream (£28).

The Body Shop Roots of Strength products are designed to plump up and firm the skin, thus giving the impression that it has been reshaped. They are enriched with three root extracts – ginger from Madagascar, ginseng from China and ruscus from Europe and Community Trade soya oil from Brazil – and they are supposed to work together to improve the texture and appearance of the skin.

I have been extremely impressed with the two items I’ve tried from the trio of The Body Shop Roots of Strength collection (the third is a lotion). Both the Firming Shaping Serum and the Cream smell gorgeous and feel lovely on the skin. After applying just the serum, my skin feels smoother and pretty moisturised. The cream – which is quite rich and very nourishing – feels like a bonus product. I’ve only been using them at night – partly because the cream is more the kind of texture I prefer for night – but I have noticed a definite improvement in my skin, which has been looking clear and radiant.

I couldn’t say I’m aware of any improvement in the firmness or strength of my skin – both of these are claims made by the products – but I’m planning to continue into a second bottle of both, and will report back if any tightening or firming becomes obvious.

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