The Body Shop Drops of Youth Youth Fresh Emulsion

January 24, 2018

The Body Shop Drops of Youth Youth Fresh Emulsion (£22) is, quite frankly, the best moisturiser I’ve used in ages. I absolutely love it! I shouldn’t really be surprised, though, as I am already a fan of the first two products I tried from The Body Shop’s new Drops of Youth collection: check out my reviews of the Bouncy Eye Mask and Liquid Peel.

The aim of The Body Shop Drops of Youth range is to tackle the ageing effects on the skin of the high levels of pollution in most cities. If you are an urban dweller, you’re likely to experience more dryness, cellular damage, inflammation, pigmentation and other signs of premature ageing so it’s important to protect your skin – and I’d say that if you want to try even just one item from this terrific new collection, then the Youth Fresh Emulsion is the one to go for.

Youth Fresh Emulsion is a creamy gel which is easily absorbed and, I find, moisturising and comforting enough to be used alone after cleansing – I don’t feel the need for a serum when I’m having a Youth Fresh Emulsion morning! It’s infused with nature’s anti-pollutants – thyme and buddleia extracts – and has a broad spectrum of UVA and UVB filters, and although it’s light, it feels like it’s offering decent protection to the skin. I love the fact that it has an SPF of 20, and that my make-up sits beautifully on top of it – though my skin usually looks pretty good with just the Youth Fresh Emulsion.

As with the Bouncy Eye Mask, I fell in love with the Youth Fresh Emulsion before I discovered that it’s not aimed at my, fortysomething, age group – it’s designed more for young things who are experiencing the first signs of ageing or are trying to stave them off. However, I have seen benefits from Youth Fresh Emulsion, and I find it an absolute pleasure to use – and at a very manageable price. So I will be sticking with it – and continuing to explore the rest of this fab franchise!

Have you tried The Body Shop Drops of Youth collection? Which items are ticking the boxes for you?

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