The Body Shop Intensely Revitalising Cleansing Oil-in-Gel

December 5, 2018

The Body Shop Intensely Revitalising Cleansing Oil-in-Gel (£12) is luxury in a tube – I love it! Not only does it give skin a thorough cleanse; it makes the ritual a pleasurable one thanks to the sumptuous texture of the gel and, in particular, its gorgeous scent – if, like me, you adore the scent of geranium, this is for you!

Part of The Body Shop’s excellent Oils of Life range, the Cleansing Oil-in-Gel starts out as a rich gel, made from a blend of three precious seed oils, before gradually morphing into a light, milky lotion once it’s in contact with water. Another selling point for me personally is the fact that the Cleansing Oil-in-Gel is used on dry skin and it’s only once you have massaged it all over the face that you bring water into the equation. It’s also 100% vegan.

There are over 30% of pure oils in the Cleansing Oil-in-Gel, and these help to gently cleanse your skin by removing and dissolving impurities. Skin is left feeling smoother and more radiant and The Body Shop claims that it is moisturised for up to 72 hours – though I’m not convinced about that. But then, who looks for that from a cleanser?!

This is definitely a great choice if you are looking for something luxurious but without the equivalent price tag. It’s already earned its place on my list of rinse-off cleansers that I would be happy to use again.

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