Benefit Ka-Brow!

December 12, 2016

Super zow-ee! I think Benefit Ka-Brow! (£18.50) is the best brow product I’ve tried this year. One item out of a vast range of brow make-up which Benefit launched in the summer, Ka-Brow! has proved to be ideal for both my brow issues and brow ambitions!

What do I mean? Well, I have intermittently spartan eyebrows which have a decent shape but which are in daily need of being filled in in spots, beefed up, lengthened and better defined. The effect I aim for is a natural look. I thought I was getting good results from other eyebrow products I had tried – especially cream-gel ones (whether in stick form or applied with a brush) – but these results paled into near-insignificance once I got my hands on Benefit Ka-Brow!.

It’s is a cream-gel, available in an impressive six shades, which provides a very natural colour to the brows and stays put once it’s on. But what really elevates Benefit Ka-Brow! above the rest of the eyebrow make-up I’ve tried is its slanted brush which is absolutely perfect for easily creating the impression of fuller brows, and can be used at just the right angle for both the upright-ish hairs at the start of each brow and the more horizontal ones further round the brow bend.

I have a deep aversion to those wholly unnatural brows some women are sporting – those cartoonish ones which are solid colours (they often look like they’ve been drawn on and coloured in using black felt tip pen) and look like they have been created using tape underneath.

I don’t want to look like I was drawn by Disney; I favour a more natural look – where you can see the texture of the eyebrow and the shade goes with my colouring. And Benefit Ka-Brow! does just that ..

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