Benefit Bad Gal Bang Mascara

February 8, 2018

Bad Gal Bang Mascara (£21.50), the latest mascara from Benefit,  was launched last week with a series of space-themed events up and down the country. Benefit make-up artists donned space suits and wiellded their magic Bad Gal Bang wands to introduce customers to the first mascara to draw on space technology for its formulation.

Why space technology, I hear you ask. Well, it’s not just a gimmick; Bad Gal Bang Mascara uses aero particles, one of the lightest known materials, to create weightless volume so no matter how many coats you layer on, your lashes won’t feel overloaded. The formula also comprises ProVitamin B5 which fuels thickness and  strengthens the lashes. And the wand has a slim brush featuring 300  soft half cone-shaped bristles designed to maximise the deposit on lashes. The bristles should be able to get into every nook and cranny of your lashes for the appearance of maximum volume.

So, does Benefit Bad Gal Bang Mascara live up to its hype? Most of it – yes. It is extremely impressive in its transformative powers. Volume is actually my number one mascara demand and Bad Gal Bang certainly delivers it, while also doing an excellent job of lengthening and curling. The intense, jet black colour is great and what’s also great about it is the way that the wand doesn’t get overloaded, due to a cleverly designed “wiper”, the bit of the tube which the brush passes as you pull it out. The satisfying click as you close the tube when you’re finished is also a welcome innovation; many of us don’t close our mascaras fully and then wonder why they have dried out.

Benefit claims that you can get 36 straight hours of wear out of one application of Bad Gal Bang Mascara. Unless I got stranded in transit somewhere, I don’t see me ever needing to go 36 hours in the same make-up – but, in the name of research, I did go to bed with Bad Gal Bang on (well, it was after the launch party…).  And I can report that it didn’t shift and still looked good and freshly applied in the morning.

My only reservation about Bad Gal Bang is that I have had a very slight but consistent smudge under my eyes – and I’ve not been wearing any other eye make-up when I’ve noticed it, so it’s down to the mascara.

I’d say give it a whirl – maybe try the £10.50 travel size tube so you can find out if it works for you, without paying for a full-sized tube.

Update: less than 24 hours after posting this review, I had a long brunch with – of all folk – the lovely PR from Benefit. I checked my make-up before leaving the cafe, only to see the most horrendous smudging both under and above my eyes. I’m assuming it was worse today because I had also applied the mascara to my lower lashes (which I don’t normally do). So, I’d say if you are prone to panda eyes, this is not the best bet mascara-wise for you – but if you’re prepared to risk the panda look  for the terrific volume Bad Gal Bang offers, just make sure you keep a mirror handy and check your eye make-up at regular intervals!

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