About Alison

AlisonAlison Kerr has been writing about beauty for 20 years – for numerous publications including The Herald, The Scotsman, The Daily Record, The Independent and Scotland on Sunday. She has interviewed many of the biggest names in the beauty business and is the winner of three Jasmine Awards for articles about fragrance for The Herald, the Sunday Herald and The Independent.

Alison also writes about jazz, film and style and is currently working with The Herald & Times photo archive on her popular Stars in Scotland project – which has produced exhibitions at various Scottish venues and festivals.

When she’s not working, she usually has to keep a padlock on her laptop and a very close eye on her computer-crazy 12-year-old twin sons.


Emma Thompson: “What gorgeous articles!”

Michael Winner: “Thank you so much for sending me the article. I thought it was excellent.”

John Byrne: “Great piece! Enjoyed it hugely. My warmest thanks.”

To contact Alison, please email her at akerr625@gmail.com